Getting Started

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Getting Started

At Nerdzy, we understand that getting your website off the ground is the first step to launching a successful business or personal brand! Not only will having a modern, easy-to-use website make your business more credible, it also allows you to pre-frame your business perception to potential customers before meeting or interacting with them in person. 

While every project will vary some, we’ve compiled some of our most popular services below to help your launch your next jaw-dropping site with! Additionally, we’ve included our free 4-point site speed optimization checklist below!

WordPress Install and Basic Site Setup

At Nerdzy, we work with a variety of clients, most of whom simply need some help getting started. And we get that. For as little as $49*, our team will walk you through setting up your site hosting, configure your WordPress installation with your host, and create your first 4 site pages (Home, About, Contact, & FAQ).

eCommerce Setup

By far, one of the most critical reasons for having a website in 2019 is having the ability to sell to a larger audience. At Nerdzy, we built an entire eCommerce brand as a project to test our skills and knowledge of eCommerce! Whether you’re wanting to sell on WordPress or Shopify, whether you’re planning on staying small or growing into a massive, scalable brand, we have the skills and the creativity to build your brand!

Site Photo Gallery Setup

More than anything else about your business, your website should visually top the charts! As such, whether your business relates to marketing, fashion, food and baking, automotive sales or anything in-between, having great photos and great photo galleries not just on your site, but arranged aesthetically on your site is paramount! This is why, at Nerdzy, we are happy to offer our services in re-designing your photo galleries!

Site Speed Optimization

Have you every visited a website that was taking too long to load? Of course you have! When managing your own site, it’s critical to ensure that you don’t lose visitors due to slow hosting or poor site and theme optimization. While results will vary depending upon how well or how poorly an existing site is optimized, our team will optimize your website according to our 8-point optimization checklist to improve performance and site load times around the globe. In fact, we’re so confident in our services that we’re even providing a free 4-point site speed optimization checklist (for WordPress) below! If you’re still craving that extra optimization, we’ll be happy to help with our more comprehensive, premium optimization.

Looking for site maintenance?

Contact our team to request a free, no-obligation quote on your project, or any type of edits not covered in the pricing tables above at today!